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Kum Nye workshop June 27th at Nyima Tashi

On June 27th I'll be giving a Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga workshop at Nyima Tashi. To register:

Heart centered living workshop with Cameron Tukapua

Instinctively we know the Heart is the home of love joy & happiness. Becoming centered in the heart is something we can all learn to do. Like the sun in the sky the heart can help us see what is most important in our lives. By attuning to what has heart and meaning, we become more available to our innate wisdom. This one day workshop focuses on practices to align the head & heart. Cameron Tukapua is a Chinese medicine practitioner and longtime meditator. She introduces how to access the heart using practical tools for connecting to your own best teacher - YOU. Brian Berneman is a practitioner of Kum Nye meditation - a branch of Tibetan Yoga. Using simple breath based movement practices y

Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga Classes. Wednesdays 10am on Ponsonby, Auckland

In these times when confusion and chaos are a part of daily activity, we are often too tense and charged up to enjoy life. Kum Nye opens our senses and our hearts so that we feel satisfied and fulfilled and can appreciate more fully every aspect of our lives. Even in a short time, the quality of experience can be enriched and our lives can become more harmonious. Kum Nye yoga is a gentle healing system, which relieves stress, transforms negative patterns, and helps us to be balanced and healthy. It increases our enjoyment and appreciation of life and heals both our bodies and minds, bringing their energies together to function smoothly and harmoniously. Based on Tibetan teachings for livi

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