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Sing, Satsang, Move and Groove

This is the first official launch gathering of You Being You and is timed to celebrate the conclusion of our crowd funding campaign. The day will be FUN and a light hearted engagement of all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. If you come along and would like to continue supporting the launch of YBY you can also join us in September to participate as 'extras' in the filming of "What You Don't Learn at School". The four sessions include chanting - sounding practices to open and uplift the heart, satsang - sharing ancient wisdom teachings to contemplate their relevance to your life, Kum Nye - Tibetan moving meditation to open and clear our circulatory pathways and Five Rhythms d

Heart Centered Living Workshop - Whangarei Heads

Instinctively we know the Heart is the home of love joy & happiness. Becoming centered in the heart is something we can all learn to do. Like the sun in the sky the heart can help us see what is most important in our lives. By attuning to what has heart and meaning, we become more available to our innate wisdom. This one day workshop focuses on teachings & practices to rejuvenate and refresh our energy. Spring is the season of new beginnings and the best time to refresh our view on where we are going. This event will focus on energising all levels of experience. Group energy catalyses shifts in our energy. A day of sharing you will remember. When: 12 September 2015 Hours: 10.00am to 4.30pm W

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