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A goodbye letter I wrote when I left Ratna Ling

For a few years I lived, worked and practiced at a Tibetan Buddhist Retreat Center called Ratna Ling. I was planning on staying there for some more time but the universe had other plans: my work visa was denied and so I had to say goodbye. Going through some files, I found this letter: Dear Ratna Ling, thank you! For the nature, the trees, the flowers, the colors, the fragrances; the turkeys, the deers, the ravens, the raccoons, Stranger, Suzie, Morris, Jinx, and Dreams; for the stupas, the prayer flags, the reservoir; for being a place where I can find peace, joy, love and something new everyday. For allowing me to learn, to grow and to develop. Thanks for being home!!! - Ratna Lingers: Yo

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