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Change your relationship to time

We can use these days to connect to time in a different way. Unless you are working or have meetings, each day can be experienced as today. We connect with Monday, Friday or Saturday from our relationship with them - for example Monday might be the day we dread because is the first day of the work week. Could we get more connected to our cycles and times from our bodies? Listening to when we are being ask to sleep, rest and eat. Each moment of our lives is precious and priceless - let’s make the most out of them!

Relaxation session - March 31st

Live class with conscious movement based on Tibetan Yoga, meditation and sound healing. Use this link to check upcoming sessions:

Sound healing

Bringing some light, love, sound, vibration and healing for our situation. We are all going through different experiences and each of them are valid - they depend on our frequency and consciousness. Take the time for this practice. Find a space to lay down or sit down.

Introduction to relaxation sessions

On this video you'll hear what you need to know before we start our practice together: - The aim of the practice, - What the focus is, - Understanding feeling, - Way of breathing Use this link to check upcoming sessions:

Gratitude practice

Gratitude and appreciation for what we have - even in these challenging times. Taking the time to bring that sense of gratitude into our heart space and filling it up. We have so much already. We have what we need.

Time to reimagine a new normal

What a time to be alive on this Earth. Every day is different, this situation is fluid and there are challenges. How are we going to change? How can we create the 'new normal’? How can we reimagine the way we are living? What are the possibilities and potential for change? Take a deep breath - let go and connect.

Surrendering to the unknown

As we go through a time of uncertainty, we need to learn how to be ok with and surrender to the experience. Join me for a short practice for being and surrendering to the present moment experience.

Stop and reassess

For the last few years I’ve been talking about how incredible it would be if the world stopped so that everyone would have the time to connect and reassess their lives. Practice to connect into your body and the present moment. Letting go of the past, fears, stress and doubts and connecting to the present moment.

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