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To Care or Not To Care - July 23rd

To Care or Not To Care workshop

We have been conditioned to gain the approval of others and to fit in with friends, family members and co-workers. Although there are positive sides to this, especially whilst growing up and during the teenage years, we need to understand what we stand for and why we are doing certain things. It is of the outmost importance to care for others, ourselves and our environment. However, there is a fine line to navigate between caring, and not allowing what others say about us to influence a change to our actions. Join Brian for an unforgettable workshop where there will be theory and practice components as well as a time for connection, reflection and integration of the day's experience with discussion and questions. This event will focus on energising all levels of experience, allowing us to see the habit patterns and the self-images connected to our everyday lives and how to shift from mindless and automatic actions to mindful living. A day of sharing you will remember.

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