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Public Speaking.

Global Speaker & Wellness Advocate

With a profound history of conducting workshops across the globe, Brian Berneman stands as a beacon of transformative wisdom. His experiences have equipped diverse groups to harness their inherent potential, crafting lives that are not only stress-free but also deeply meaningful.

Corporate Wellness & Mindful Leadership

Brian delivers compelling keynote presentations, touching on crucial topics that modern businesses grapple with: stress reduction, embracing change, mindfulness in the workplace, mental well-being, and leveraging work as a tool for personal and collective growth. His insight has not only enhanced employee well-being but also fostered a culture of mindful leadership in corporations worldwide.


"The session on ‘Stress Management’ Brian orchestrated for us was imbued with clarity, depth, and a tangible sense of personal touch. His ability to make intricate concepts of personal development accessible and practical sets him apart.

A heartfelt thank you!"

- Mukesh Kumar Dogra, New Zealand


Festivals, Events & More

Whether it's the vibrancy of a festival, the gravitas of a corporate seminar, or the intimacy of a smaller gathering, Brian tailors his presentations to resonate with the unique energy of the audience. His talks serve as a bridge, connecting ancient wisdom with the challenges of modern life, always grounded in authenticity and actionable insight.

Bespoke Engagements

Understanding that each event, company, or organisation has its unique ethos, Brian crafts bespoke presentations that align with specific objectives and audience demographics. This dedication ensures that every interaction with him is not just informative but transformative.


Listen to my Podcast &  Recorded Talks

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