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Brian Berneman.

Guiding Your Unique Journey to Conscious Living


I want to illuminate the vast possibilities awaiting everyone—pathways for growth, evolution, and transition towards a more harmonious and purposeful life.

Who Is Brian?

Brian stands as a beacon of wellbeing, a seasoned facilitator who has illuminated the lives of hundreds globally, guiding them towards balance and profound significance.

Blending Science with Spirituality

Armed with a foundation in neuroscience and an illustrious 15-year journey in teaching and immersing in practices like yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, Brian artfully bridges the gap between modern scientific principles and age-old wisdom. This synergy ensures that his clients experience transformative results.

Brian teaching class on retreat
Brian meditating

A Repository of Techniques

From the harmonising techniques of Tibetan Yoga, the energy dynamics of Reiki, the resonances of crystal and sound healing, to the profound insights of Family and Systemic Constellations and Del Arca methods—Brian's toolkit is diverse. His depth also spans Buddhist philosophy, psychology, intricate breathing methods, and the power of mantras.

A Global Impact

Brian's footprint is truly global. He has facilitated countless workshops worldwide, championing individuals from diverse backgrounds to unlock their latent potential and pivot towards a life devoid of stress and brimming with purpose.

Deep Dives into Ancient Wisdom

His spiritual foundation is rooted in the teachings of Tibetan Lama Tarthang Tulku. Brian dedicated two years at the Ratna Ling Retreat Centre, deeply engaging with Tibetan Buddhism, Yoga, and meditation.

Leading Conscious Movements

Beyond personal practices, Brian is a harbinger of conscious living. He co-founded Conscious Action, an initiative urging individuals towards intentional living. He also birthed You Being You, a platform dedicated to offering tangible pathways for heart-centric conscious living.

Conscious Action event group photo
"I want to let people know about all of the possibilities that are out there for them to grow, develop and change,
and to lead a more balanced and meaningful life."
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