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Holistic Therapies for Mindful Living.

Stay Engaged in Your Transformation Journey

Experience Authentic Healing at The Life Centre

Whether you're seeking the gentle touch of Reiki, the potent vibrations of crystal bowls, or a synergistic blend tailored just for you, a world of holistic well-being is just a booking away.


Private Sessions

Each session is meticulously tailored to foster personal transformation, guiding you towards mindful living and sustainable growth.

Not in the vicinity?  

Allow the powerful energies to and heal, no matter where you are.

 Custom & Curated

• Single Session: $175

• Transformative Bundle of 4 Sessions: $529

Distant Healing

• Single Distant Session: $125
• Holistic Bundle of 4 Distant Sessions: $399

My Offerings


Energy Healing: A Journey Within

Discover an amalgamation of four distinct modalities, with Reiki's universal energy healing at its core.


Rooted in ancient Japanese teachings, Reiki nurtures balance by harmonising the chakras. During these intimately curated sessions,


Brian interlaces physical, emotional, mental, and energetic healing, while also incorporating the Del Arca Technique.


This method emphasises the innate healing power within, often channelling the energies of higher beings such as angels or spirit guides. An intuitive and deeply personal voyage to your inner self.


Sound Healing: Symphony of the Soul

Submerge into the resonant echoes of Tibetan & Crystal Quartz singing bowls, the rhythmic cadence of shamanic thunder, and the mesmerising tones of the Gong.


These frequencies transport you into a meditative trance, cleansing, aligning, and rejuvenating the subtle energy fields within.

Release blockages, both emotional and mental, and surrender to an immersive sound bath designed to harmonise your entire being.

Family Constalations

Systemic Family Constellations: Healing Generational Ties

Explore the intricate dynamics spanning generations within your lineage using the therapeutic modality of Systemic Family Constellations.


Brian facilitates an immersive journey to unveil and address underlying familial patterns and traumas, often obscured by time.


By reconnecting with ancestral narratives and systems, you'll uncover the root of specific challenges, creating space for acceptance, healing, and growth.

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Somatic Healing: Embrace Body Wisdom

Harness the profound interconnectedness of mind and body through somatic healing.


By embracing the body's inherent wisdom, this transformative approach aids in releasing emotional strains, healing past traumas, and attaining holistic wellness.


Brian's guidance, replete with gentle movements, breathwork, and mindfulness, cultivates self-awareness and fosters a resonant mind-body harmony.

Are you ready to experience healing?

Step into your journey of mindful living today.

Brian's commitment to your growth and transformation is paramount.

Each session is a pledge to serve you with authenticity, empathy, and the profound wisdom of time-honoured healing traditions.

Kind Words

"My session with Brian happened seamlessly.

I was in a really bad state and almost instantaneously he made himself available to me, which was just such crucial timing.

By the time I got to his rooms I was covered in hives, shaking with sobs and completely ungrounded.

Within a few minutes he had my system in a calm and open state, and I was breathing evenly and relaxed.

Throughout the hour long session my eyes remained closed but I was totally aware of where he was and what he was doing.

Such strong energy, so powerful and purposeful.

I came away with a sense that through a myriad of modalities (both energetic and sound) he had cracked through the stress, helplessness, closed down depressed state I was in and had facilitated my body and mind to relax into its natural healing process again. My physical reactions started to heal and the painful hives that had covered my body were totally gone 48 hours after, I think because I was calm enough to start healing and processing the reaction.

Many wonderful things have progressed since my session with Brian, and I believe a good many wonderful things led me to him in the first place!

I’ve progressed into a more vibrant state of resilience and cantered calm with his hugely pivotal session.

I couldn’t have gotten this calm and clear this fast without his session.”

— Rudo Greissworth, New Zealand

Brian Berneman Home Background 2.png

Delve deep and reignite the radiant energy within.

Unearth equilibrium as you balance your chakras, tuning into higher vibrational frequencies that harmonise your very core.

Let the universal energy envelop you, guiding you towards a state of serene wholeness.

- Brian Berneman

Embark on Your Reiki Mastery Journey 

Reiki Mastery: Levels 1, 2 & 3

Unlock the ancient secrets of Reiki, a path to profound self-healing and a service to uplift others. Dive deep into the harmonious energies that resonate with the core values of authenticity, empathy, and transformative growth.


Each level of Reiki Mastery is a sacred journey:


  • Foundational Insights: Delve into the theory behind the age-old practices.

  • Initiation: Experience the awakening as you're attuned to Reiki's potent energy.

  • Hands-On Healing: Engage in guided practice sessions to hone your skills and intuition.


Respecting the individual pace of each seeker, there's no rigid timeframe to journey through the three levels. Your path will unfold as naturally as the energy flows, ensuring a deeply personalised and enriching learning experience.


Sessions typically span one to two hours, adjusted to your unique learning rhythm. With Brian's compassionate guidance, you'll uncover the true essence of Reiki, aligning with a more conscious, mindful way of living and healing.

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