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Conscious Workplace Wellness with Brian Berneman

Every team is unique, each with its own aspirations, challenges, and dynamics. Reach out, and together we'll curate a transformative package tailored to the essence of your team and workplace.


It's important to make empathy, sustainability, and conscious living central to your organization. This means more than just offering tools for well-being. It means considering the impact of your actions on others and the environment. It means making choices that prioritise the well-being of all. 


Let's collaborate to ensure your team not only thrives but resonates with the deeper values and aspirations you uphold. Connect today and start your journey of transformational leadership and holistic well-being.

Corporate wellness Auckland by Brian Berneman - this image shows Brian standng and presenting to a seated group
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Empathetic Leadership Meets Sustainable Transformation:

Do you believe that business success and employee well-being can go hand in hand? Dive into a comprehensive approach that combines personal growth, sustainable practices, and holistic well-being. This enhances not only productivity but the heart and soul of your organisation.

Holistic Work Experience for the Modern Leader:

Work isn't just about bottom lines; it's an avenue for meaningful connection, compassion, and discovery. Lead your team in fostering a culture where joy, creativity, a sense of belonging and accomplishments thrive sustainably.

Brian Berneman designs wellness training in the workplace. This image shows Brian sitting at a desk working on a computer.
Reduce stress in an organisation by bringing mindfulness to the workplace. This image shows Brian meditating.

Eco-Mindfulness & Leadership Productivity:

Uncover the leadership patterns that might distance you and your team from authentic, empathetic interactions. Infuse sustainable and compassionate leadership practices to resonate with both individual and collective needs.

Meditation & Mindful Leadership Awareness:

Empower your leadership with tailored meditation techniques. Grounded in neuroscience, these sessions foster a balanced, compassionate approach to leadership. They help you and your team navigate challenges with high levels of resilience and understanding.

Eco-Conscious Movement for Teams:

Promote team cohesion with an introduction to conscious movement. Harness its healing power, fostering a team environment that values individual well-being. Promote an eco-friendly, collaborative mindset that positively impacts corporate wellness.

Navigating Stress Management in the Workplace with Empathy:

In an ever-evolving business landscape, challenges are inevitable. Yet, with Brian's holistic strategies, learn to steer your team through adversities and workplace stress. Cultivate a workspace fostering a sense of empathy, resilience, and sustainable well-being.

Workplace wellbeing by Brian Berneman - this image is a close up of Brian practicing breathwork
Brian Berneman brings sustainable practices into the workplace with techniques such as sound healing (shown in this picture)

Sound Meditation - Harmony in Leadership:

Experience the unifying power of sound meditation. Foster a collective rhythm, aligned with both individual and environmental well-being, and fortify your team's interconnectedness.

Empathetic Leadership for a Sustainable Tomorrow:

With Brian Berneman's guidance, embrace a leadership style that's compassionate, conscious, and sustainable. Engage today to cultivate a work culture where empathy, sustainability, and performance coalesce.

Kind Words

"I met Brian at a wonderful retreat I attended earlier in the year and was blown away by his wisdom, energy and kindness. I felt compelled to introduce everyone I know to his work and organised a Mindfulness Workshop for my team at Kowhai Dental. 

Brian was amazing! He put everyone immediately at ease and was able to meet everyone at their individual levels of awareness. He’s funny, engaging and wise beyond his years. 

I watched with pleasure as my staff opened up with enthusiasm and interest. He really reached them all on a deep level and I feel very confident in saying that he’s enabled them to make significant changes in bringing mindfulness into their daily lives, both at work and at home. 

I very much look forward to hosting another workshop for my office with Brian in the near future. 

Thanks again Brian for providing us all with excellent tools for bringing more mindfulness into our lives and enriching our daily experiences.  Hope to see you again very soon!”

— Jana Joy, Owner/Director of Kowhai Dental, Whangarei

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