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Ways to work together

I offer transformative experiences grounded in neuroscience and ancient wisdom teachings to help you live a more healthy, balanced and meaningful life.

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"I want to let people know about all of the possibilities that are out there for them to grow, develop and change, and to lead a more balanced and meaningful life."

- Brian Berneman

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Meet Brian!

Brian Berneman is a beacon in the realm of conscious living, merging his foundational expertise in neuroscience with over 15 years of holistic wellness practice. Seamlessly blending ancient wisdom with modern science, Brian offers a unique perspective on well-being that resonates with audiences globally.

Brian dedicated two years at the Ratna Ling Retreat Centre, deeply engaging with the teachings of Tibetan Lama Tarthang Tulku on Tibetan Buddhism, Yoga, and meditation practices.

As the co-founder of Conscious Action and You Being You, he has cemented his commitment to promoting intentional, heart-connected living. At the core of Brian's work is a passionate mission: to guide individuals on their journey to a more mindful, balanced, and purpose-driven existence. 

Since 2019 Brian has been teaching at The Auckland University of Technology with a focus on Mental Health, Wellbeing, Social Change & Sustainability.

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"It was an absolute pleasure having Brian as a coach. His vast experience in several holistic practices, his conscious approach to everything in life and his experience working with a diverse range of people made my choice to work with him an obvious one.

During the period I have work with Brian, I managed to expand my level of consciousness, I incorporated very useful new practices to my daily routines as well as taking 100% responsibility about my life which translates into the creation of amazing new possibilities.

Brian was very present and supportive along the way with accountability and support daily messages.

My life is definitely in a very good place and I feel super empowered and having the right tools to continue this amazing journey."

- Diego D'Ortenzio, Argentina

Kind Words

Step into the frame of life, where images speak louder than words.

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I belive in the transformative power of dialogue and connection.

By reaching out, you take a pivotal step in deepening your relationship with yourself, your health and wellbeing, and the world around you.

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