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"I met Brian at a wonderful retreat I attended earlier in the year and was blown away by his wisdom, energy and kindness. I felt compelled to introduce everyone I know to his work and organised a Mindfulness Workshop for my team at Kowhai Dental. 


Despite the holiday weekend, we had a good (and completely voluntary) attendance. I was a little surprised at how keen my younger staff were for this sort of workshop. 


Brian was amazing! He put everyone immediately at ease and was able to meet everyone at their individual levels of awareness. He’s funny, engaging and wise beyond his years. 


I watched with pleasure as my staff opened up with enthusiasm and interest. He really reached them all on a deep level and I feel very confident in saying that he’s enabled them to make significant changes in bringing mindfulness into their daily lives, both at work and at home. 


I very much look forward to hosting another workshop for my office with Brian in the near future. 


Thanks again Brian for providing us all with excellent tools for bringing more mindfulness into our lives and enriching our daily experiences. 

Hope to see you again very soon!”

- Jana Joy, Owner/Director of Kowhai Dental, Whangarei, New Zealand

"My session with Brian happened seamlessly.

I was in a really bad state and almost instantaneously he made himself available to me, which was just such crucial timing.

By the time I got to his rooms I was covered in hives, shaking with sobs and completely ungrounded.

Within a few minutes he had my system in a calm and open state, and I was breathing evenly and relaxed.

Throughout the hour long session my eyes remained closed but I was totally aware of where he was and what he was doing.

Such strong energy, so powerful and purposeful.

I came away with a sense that through a myriad of modalities (both energetic and sound) he had cracked through the stress, helplessness, closed down depressed state I was in and had facilitated my body and mind to relax into its natural healing process again. My physical reactions started to heal and the painful hives that had covered my body were totally gone 48 hours after, I think because I was calm enough to start healing and processing the reaction.

Many wonderful things have progressed since my session with Brian, and I believe a good many wonderful things led me to him in the first place!

I’ve progressed into a more vibrant state of resilience and cantered calm with his hugely pivotal session.

I couldn’t have gotten this calm and clear this fast without his session."

- Rudo Greissworth, New Zealand

Reiki healing hand

"My very first experience of Tibetan Yoga with Brian teaching was deep and powerful.


As a longtime meditator and acupuncture practitioner I'm familiar with both visual and physically felt sensations from meditation and movement practices.

On my very first session I experienced powerful feelings of energy flowing in my body and felt super refreshed and alive after the practice.


For the first time ever, I saw with my open eyes light around my feet during the practice - I could literally see the energy field around my body !


Brian is a natural teacher. His stillness of mind is a pleasure to be near and his depth of understanding of Yogic teachings and spiritual philosophies suggest lifetimes of learning and distillation.


It is with a feeling of gratitude that I regard Brian as my Yoga teacher and highly recommend him to others."

- Cameron Tukapua, New Zealand

"The first time I met Brian, very good feeling and conversation, I could clearly see what this guy was doing and the way he sees life.

I decided to go to his Tibetan Yoga & Meditation workshop with some friends for a session; and amazing!

The vibes are really peaceful and powerful, everybody starts discussions with each other.

When the session started we focused our mind and body on different positions to make energies moving throughout the body.


The Yoga exercises are really helpful and make you realize where your body hurts is where the energy is blocked. A body relaxation to finalize the session.

100% recommended to work on your spirit, mind and body."

- Youri Attali, France

"Having participated in a few of Brian's Tibetan Yoga & Meditation workshops, i can easily express my deepest gratitude.​

Brian is a teacher who resonates with everybody through his understanding of himself and others. He makes us feel comfortable which eases our performance and enriches our experience. The lessons themselves are well organized throughout different distinguishable phases: an introduction, the guided yoga session, the guided meditation and a talk-through the personal and group experience.

I was particularly impressed by the simplicity of the yoga exercises and their efficiency for feeling truly connected to and in phase with yourself. I am into sports in general and have integrated those exercises before, during and after my workouts.​

I sincerely recommend everybody to at least try one of Brian's workshops, you will feel more in tune with yourself and connected to the world.

With love and gratitude."

- Thomas Servais, France

Brian Tibetan Yoga posture

"Starting in winter after about 4 months of classes with Brian, I now, in the heat of a muggy Auckland summer maintain at least a weekly practice of very basic Kum Nye. Entirely because Brian is such a brilliant teacher. And I was directed to him at the right time in my life.

I never expected that I would have the discipline to practice by myself. I can’t even do salute to the sun for more than a few days and I can’t maintain regular walking. BUT Brian’s teaching has had a lasting effect on my need and wish to sit and to perform some of the Kum Nye practice by myself.


He is clear in his directions to learn postures and breathing, well organised with time and range of movements; in short a brilliant teacher.


I was unbelievably fortunate to have several classes as the sole student so I learnt that he is also very intuitive. He encourages and guides one to go far but he also reads your energy.


Day to day, I deal with stress and stuff ups so much more calmly. I attribute this to the practice I learnt from Brian’s teaching. Thank you Brian."

- Marilyn Kohlhase, New Zealand

"My healing session with Brian was amazingly relaxing and left me feeling light, clear and smiling.

Thank you."

- Valerie D'Anvers, New Zealand

"I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop, thank you.


I took a lot away from it and have been implementing little things into my day to try and keep up all the wonderful things I learnt. 


Things such as taking my time to slow down and appreciate what is around me, as well as daily meditation. I have also been trying to breathe more in through my mouth especially when I feel myself getting emotionally wound up about a  situation and going back to how feelings are energy. It has helped me deal with situations a lot better.  

I have found I have more energy as well as motivation to do things also.

I feel it has also strengthened my relationship with my daughter and husband by doing so. 


It was a lot to digest on the day but after reflection on it and talking about it to other people it has been so beneficial. Just what I needed really. 

Thank you again."

- Karen, New Zealand

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