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Somatic Healing

Experience profound healing and personal growth through somatic healing.

Release stress, trauma, and emotional burdens by tapping into the mind-body connection using practices that empower you to listen to your body’s wisdom.

Our bodies hold onto experiences and traumas, often manifesting as physical symptoms or chronic pain. By addressing these stored emotions and sensations, we can unlock profound healing and personal transformation. 


Somatic healing techniques help to gently release these stored traumas, promoting a sense of freedom and relief.

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"My first session with Brian was a revelation. As someone deeply immersed in meditation and acupuncture, I was astounded by the powerful sensations coursing through my body. Witnessing the aura around me for the first time left me feeling rejuvenated and alive. Brian's mastery as a teacher is evident in his serene presence and profound knowledge of yoga and spiritual teachings. I'm filled with gratitude to have him as my guide and wholeheartedly recommend him to others seeking transformation."

- Cameron Tukapua, New Zealand

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A deep dive into relaxation with conscious movement, meditation and sound. 

Tapping into a gentle healing system that relieves stress, transforms negative patterns and helps us to be balanced and healthy. It increases our enjoyment and appreciation of life and heals both our bodies and minds, bringing their energies together to function smoothly and harmoniously.

Based on teachings for living in harmony with physical and universal laws, this practices develops our ability to heal and energise our entire being. In addition, It teaches us what it means to just be.

The practice includes stillness, movement, postures, breathing exercises, self-massage, mantra and visualisation.

This approach is compassionate, personalized, and rooted in a deep understanding of the body-mind connection.

Brian provides a safe and supportive environment where you can explore and heal the deeper layers of your being. Whether you’re dealing with the aftermath of trauma, chronic pain, stress or anxiety paralysis or simply seeking a more grounded and embodied life, Somatic Healing offers the tools and support your need to reclaim your body and reconnect with your true self.


"Through focused exercises, we unlocked blocked energies in our bodies, ending with deep relaxation. 100% recommended for holistic growth."

- Youri Attali, France

Why choose Somatic Healing?

The Art of Relaxation

Are you ready to experience Somatic Healing?

1:1 Sessions

Each session is meticulously tailored to foster personal transformation, guiding you towards mindful living and sustainable growth.

Group sessions

Join a Conscious Movement class or an Art of Relaxation course to find relaxation and ease.

Private Sessions

Looking for a space for your team to relax? Or would like to have  private group classes?

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