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Conscious Action is born

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Together with my friend Kayla we started a new project: Conscious Action NZ.

A conscious community raising awareness and inspiring meaningful action. We are all about: - Connecting with likeminded people - Collaborating to come up with inspiring ways to live more consciously - Celebrating the impact of individuals, and their contributions to the collective We are a positive community bringing awareness to the way we are leading our lives as individuals, as a collective and as a planet. We are celebrating the current choices being taken to shape a more conscious way of living and working. Through interaction we aim to come up with achievable actions we could take and through connection we share and celebrate the ones already being taken – big or small. Our online community goes the extra mile as a space where we can keep each other accountable and also share, and celebrate, our impact. Conscious Action was born from a desire to do more. Our events are all about bringing people together in a fun and inspiring environment. What goes on at each event is always different, diverse and unique to its theme.

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