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A goodbye letter I wrote when I left Ratna Ling

For a few years I lived, worked and practiced at a Tibetan Buddhist Retreat Center called Ratna Ling.

I was planning on staying there for some more time but the universe had other plans: my work visa was denied and so I had to say goodbye.

Going through some files, I found this letter:

Dear Ratna Ling, thank you!

For the nature, the trees, the flowers, the colors, the fragrances; the turkeys, the deers, the ravens, the raccoons, Stranger, Suzie, Morris, Jinx, and Dreams; for the stupas, the prayer flags, the reservoir; for being a place where I can find peace, joy, love and something new everyday. For allowing me to learn, to grow and to develop.

Thanks for being home!!!

Leading meditation at work

- Ratna Lingers:

You are not only the people who I work, study, practice, live and eat with; you are not only my community and friends: you are my family. You make me laugh, bring me happiness, you showed me love and how much I can love. Thanks for caring and allowing me to bring out the best in me and sharing it with you.

All of you are part of this experience and that makes all of you a part of me.

- Now that I thanked others, I'm going to do something that is also important; tell the following words to myself (and I encourage you to imagine that you are telling them to yourself):

Thank you! For wanting to help, for working hard, for making effort, for being open to others, to feelings and to the teachings. For showing with your actions the way of the Dharma (doing what benefits others); for doing something meaningful. For waking up everyday to go to Kum Nye.

Light shines differently in all of us; we are all the same but at the same time unique. So thank you for being yourself, for having courage, for using your time and energy in giving as much and as best you can, for trying to find a path, for being beautiful and for following your heart.

Thank you for doing this and being here!!!

Take a moment to feel gratitude and appreciation for yourself; feel it in the body; feel it more.

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