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Mindfulness & Meditation

With a promise rooted in neuroscience, spirituality, and profound empathy, you're invited to a transformative experience that extends beyond the session, echoing in every aspect of your life.


Empowering you to realise yout full potential and enable you  to live a stress-free and meaningful life.

In person offerings

Practice with me this week!

Classes & Courses.

My life's mission transcends from imparting knowledge; it’s about fostering a sustainable transformation, enhancing your connection to self, and facilitating a deeper understanding of conscious living.


Here is my offering:  

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Mindfulness & Meditation

In a fast-paced world, learn sustainable practices of mindfulness and meditation, allowing you to remain grounded, focused, and in touch with your authentic self. Whether you are stressed out and overwhelmed or simply seeking serenity and focus, these classes promise a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and modern insights.

Buddhism for the Contemporary Soul

Buddhism for the Contemporary Soul:

Experience the powerful confluence of ancient wisdom and neuroscience insights with Brian’s Buddhism 101 course. Delve into topics such as the Buddha, Dharma, and Karma, the Four Noble Truths, and more, tailored to illuminate your modern-day journey and highlight their relevance in today's world.

Relaxation Sessions, conscious movement:

These sessions are an introduction to conscious movement and meditation, tapping into a gentle healing system that relieves stress and transforms negative patterns. Based on Tibetan teachings, this practice is a fusion of ancient wisdom and modern neuroscience, making it a holistic healing experience.

Relaxing Sessions

Mindfulness for Work:

Discover what it truly means to thrive at work. This course is more than just about professional growth; it's about exploring your potential in every sphere of life. Combining tools from Mindfulness, Neuroscience, and ancient teachings, Brian ensures you evolve and adapt in today's challenging work environment.

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Sound Meditation:

Bathe yourself in the therapeutic sounds of Tibetan & Crystal Quartz singing bowls. This experience, grounded in both spiritual practice and scientific understanding, lets you tap into frequencies that heal, align, and balance your being.



Drawing from a rich amalgamation of global spiritual teachings and neuroscience insights, Brian brings you workshops that stimulate both the heart and the mind. Below you can find some of the workshops and events that Brian offers in Auckland. They're more than just events; they're transformative experiences.

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Stay Engaged in Your Transformation Journey

Stay attuned to the rhythm of your personal growth and never miss an opportunity to further your journey.

For the latest workshops, events, and insights that embody our shared values of authenticity, empathy, and mindful living, follow Brian on his social channels. Your path towards guided transformation is just a click away.

Kind Words

"Brian has been instrumental in bringing mindfulness, relaxation and meditation to my Studio. He has raised awareness about the benefits of these techniques and the accessibility of these practices to all.


Brian has an amazing manner which is both approachable and knowledgeable making him relevant and appealing to advanced yogis and absolute beginners. The highlight for me personally is his Sound Healing classes using his quartz crystal singing bowls and chimes to bring a deep seated relaxation and healing to everyone in the class.


He is a wonderful teacher and an amazing human and an asset to any workshop or studio that sees these practices as useful to their audience.” 

- Julie Hazelhurst, Owner Mondays Wholefoods and the Ivy Studio

Personalised Sessions.

Every individual's journey is unique, and so is the guidance you'll receive.


Group classes are a wonderful collective experience, however one-on-one sessions with Brian offer a deep, tailored dive into your personal aspirations and experiences.


There’s more time to work on YOU specifically, ensuring that each session resonates with your life’s narrative.

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