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Wake Up is opening!

(A Wake Up Press release)

World’s First One-Stop Holistic Wellness Centre Opens in Parnell, Auckland.

Wake Up is here. The world’s first ever on-stop holistic wellness centre with 7 areas of wellness under one roof, in Parnell, Auckland. Combining a Real Food Café, Real Food Market, Wellness Store, E+Motion Studios for yoga, movement meditation and more, a Holistic Clinic, Life School and Online Services, including retreats.

The journey to create this centre for health and happiness has been long and started in Argentina several years ago. After substantial research and investment it was decided that New Zealand was the place to bring Wake Up to life.

At the heart of this company are it’s 7 guiding principles: Respect, Community, Presence, Love, Joy, Growth, Passion.

From the architectural design to product offering, Wake Up has these principles as well as sustainability and environmental impact it’s core. Exceptional care has been made to made sure all the products from People’s Coffee, Forage & Bloom Teas, Trade Aid products, and more, are aligned with Wake Up and it’s values. From the cups to compost, the utmost care has gone into all the little details, but of course, it’s still a work in progress.

Wake Up believes that there isn’t one path to health and happiness and that people must take responsibility for finding what works for them. It’s not about the right diet or meditating, it’s about balance and making a nourishing lifestyle work for you. Wake Up makes the tools available for clients all under one roof, from, yoga, to meditation, to Reiki or Acupuncture, Energetic Medicine such as First Light Flower Essences and so much more.

Wake Up is making alternative health options more affordable and accessible.

An integral part of the Wake Up model, is the Wake Up Guide. Our guides are qualified naturopaths with experience and knowledge in all aspects of healing from the inside out. A Guide is on the floor at Wake Up at all times and is available for mini-consultations and to guide clients to what suits their needs. You can walk into Wake Up with a sore throat or anxiety and walk out with the answer or perhaps just the beginning steps or tools for working on whatever a client needs help with.

The Wake Up Real Food Café aims to offer real, nourishing dishes with a focus on quality ingredients, lots of fresh veggies and fruit, local and organic meat. There will be lots of raw and healthy treats on the menu but nothing faddy or a specific ‘diet’.

Wake Up special features:

  • E+Motion studios with scheduled classes with some of Auckland’s leading teachers Keli Dierings, Martina Gotz, Claire Robbie, Juan Diaz and Brian Berneman.

  • The largest wellness related book store in the country.

  • Holistic Clinic with Reiki, Acupuncture, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Naturopathy, Elemental Coaching appointments available.

  • Full natural medicine dispensary with energetic medicine, homeo-botanicals, herbal medicine and more.

  • Meditation room for drop-in meditation all-day.

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