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Brian's Transformative Coaching Experience.

Embark on a journey that's about more than just the surface. With Brian, coaching delves deeper:


  • Beyond the mere pursuit of wealth, embrace a mindset of holistic abundance.

  • Discover a harmonious blend of time-tested spiritual practices like yoga and meditation, interwoven with the insights of neuroscience.

  • Navigate the crossroads of life's purpose, empowered with clarity and direction.

Brian working on computer

With Brian by your side:


  • Cultivate genuine well-being, harmonising productivity with inner serenity.

  • Demystify the essence of "work/life balance", integrating mindfulness into every facet of your existence.

  • Unlock your latent potential, allowing your profession to be a playground of growth and self-discovery.

  • Infuse joy and purpose into your daily tasks, redefining what fulfilment at work truly signifies.

  • Harness a renewed zest for life, making every moment count.

  • Cultivate a serene mind, fostering resilience and poise even amidst chaos.

  • Learn to listen to the innate wisdom of your body, paving the way for holistic self-care.

  • Elevate your awareness and focus, becoming truly present in each moment.

Let's journey together, exploring the profound depths of your being, and manifesting a life of purpose, balance, and profound joy.

"Through his classes and personal coaching he is teaching me more about wellbeing than is possible to describe with words. All his methods are constantly reminding me of who I truly am and how to BE present in my body, regardless of my life situation and challenges. 

No other spiritual teacher brings me to this space so gently and effortlessly. It is just his presence that does the trick. 

Brian, I consider myself fortunate to have met you and you play a bigger role in my life than you know. 

Thank you for all that you have done for me and may your impact rise exponentially so that this world becomes an even better place."

— Alja, Slovenia

Your Transformative Journey with Brian

Duration: 12 Weeks of Holistic Growth

  • Dive deep into a carefully curated 3-month journey, meticulously designed to nurture every facet of your being.

Discovery Period Pre-Coaching:

  • Benefit: Initiate your path with introspective exploration, allowing Brian to understand your unique essence and tailor the program to your individual needs.


Twelve Tailored Sessions:

  • Benefit: Engage in weekly one-hour immersive sessions, each crafted to progressively guide you towards self-awareness, balance, and profound transformation.


Empowerment Toolkit:

  • Benefit: Gain access to a myriad of powerful tools and techniques, bridging ancient wisdom with modern neuroscience, enabling sustainable change and deep personal growth.


Accountability Check-Ins:

  • Benefit: Experience the motivating force of consistent check-ins, ensuring you remain on track, inspired, and committed to your transformative journey.


Unwavering Support:

  • Benefit: Relish the assurance of having Brian's guidance just a phone call or email away, offering insights, encouragement, and wisdom whenever you need it.


Resourceful Compendium:

  • Benefit: Delve into handpicked resources, from readings to practices, further enriching your journey and offering tools for continuous growth beyond the coaching period.

"I took a lot away from it and have been implementing little things into my day to try and keep up all the wonderful things I learnt. 

It has helped me deal with situations a lot better.  I have found I have more energy as well as motivation to do things also.

I feel it has also strengthened my relationship with my daughter and husband by doing so. 

Just what I needed really. Thank you again."

— Karen, New Zealand

Embarking on Your Transformation: Is This for You?

Brian hosting event
  • Are you thriving in a career yet yearn for deeper purpose and connection?

  • Do you hold a leadership role, such as a manager, CEO, CFO, or COO, and seek to integrate conscious, mindful leadership into your professional journey?

  • Are you poised at the threshold of the next transformative chapter in your life, seeking guidance?

  • Is optimising your time while infusing every moment with intention and clarity on your mind?

  • Do you crave deeper resonance in your relationships, longing for meaningful connections aligned with your authentic self?


If you're resonating with these aspirations, then absolutely, this transformative journey is designed for you.

find the right pathway

The three-month journey can be explored both with 12 sessions or 6 sessions.

Looking for longer support and accountability? Brian offers 6 month and year-long journeys.

Not sure which transformative journey is for you: 

Schedule a call with Brian.

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