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You Being You is born

After a lot of work with Cameron Tukapua, we founded You Being You, an online home for sharing wisdom to connect us with our true nature, ourselves and others.

In todays world rampant disconnect, confusion, stress, chaos, and burnout states are common for many people. This has been accepted as a normal part of life and yet it is far from our natural state of being.

At the same time many are awakening to different ways of being which encourage connection, openness and sharing. You Being You is designed to encourage healing conversations about how to be whole.

We offer timeless wisdom teachings including indigenous, Chinese medical and Yogic philosophies as frameworks for seeing ourselves as part of a dynamic interconnected universe.

The teachings are delivered as a series of modules including short videos, real time and pre-recorded webinars, interviews, audios and live events. Each module contributes to the whole program of You Being You.

The intention is to provide a platform and structured learning pathway through which invited teachers can share their knowledge.

Join us to share this healing conversation.

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